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Case for Critical Thinking: Australian Banks in Asia

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Case for critical thinking: Australian banks in Asia

1. Notwithstanding challenging business conditions in China, do you think Australian business needs to exit Europe and America and focus on Asia? Justify your answer.

Recently, fears about dept crisis in Europe are very thorny problem to Australia banks. Specially, NAB’s overseas branch is managed in Unite kingdom. But, NAB is suffered from dept crisis in Europe, so this bank does not want to devote all their energy anymore. So, now Australian business focuses on Asia market. Because, in Australia law has strict limitation, but Asia countries are different law and less limitation in Australia, therefore many companies are expanding their business in Asia. Thus, many companies know that Asia is the chance of managing their overseas branch.

2. How would you set about building relationships with Chinese counterparts in order to establish a business operation there?

Many companies want to operate their business in China, but there are some qualifications about to manage in China. Companies have to understand China’s culture and their endemic policy. If bank want to promote, it will be long term and be patient for to take the currency license. However, after this time this company will be succeed in China market; because China has huge population so many people can use and try overseas company, it will make a huge profit for company. It is not easy but when company establish a business operation, China is a land of opportunity for Australian companies. Thus, following country’s law is the best way to success in overseas.

3. Would it be better to invest in other Asian countries like India (with just as big a population)?

Almost global company think that Asia is good for promoting their business because cheap and plentiful labour, huge population and


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