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Case Study Analysis: Twa Flight 800 Instructions

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You will analyze this case study in terms of mechanical and structural factors and provide a two to three page word-processed review of each case study.

Case Study Analysis: TWA Flight 800[pic 1] 

Complete an analysis of the TWA Flight 800 accident.

Here are some resources to get you started:

[pic 2] Web Resource Link: NTSB Abstract - TWA Flight 800 Source: U.S. National Transportation Safety Board

[pic 3] Web Resource Link: NTSB Aircraft Accident Report (2000 Aug 23) Source: U.S. National Transportation Safety Board

[pic 4] Web Resource Link: NTSB Appendix A Investigation. Aircraft Accident Report Source: U.S. National Transportation Safety Board

[pic 5] Web Resource Link: The Fight 800 Investigation Source: Associated Retired Aviation Professionals TWA 800 Website

Use the following template to prepare your analysis review:

[pic 6] Case Study Analysis Template (To download, right-click on the link and select Save Target As..., then save to your computer)

Your instructor may provide written feedback while grading this activity. To review any feedback, click on your score in the Grade Center after the instructor has graded the activity. Use the following template to prepare your analysis review:

Written assignment paper formatting requirements are: Times New Roman, 12-pt, and double-spaced. All sources should be cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) style and format. Papers must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors.

Find out what happened to this case TWA Flight 800, what went wrong?

Cite every reference with URL (LINK)

Feel free to find your own sources.

Case Study Analysis Evaluation Rubric

100 - point scale



(90-100% of criteria)


(70-90% of criteria)


(below 70% of criteria)

Analysis (50%)

Comprehensively identifies and analyzes key issues and relationships associated with structural and mechanical factors contributing to the case. Cause is clearly and concisely summarized.

Identifies and analyzes at least a few key issues and relationships associated with structural and mechanical factors contributing to the case; may be lacking examples and specific details. Cause is sufficiently summarized.

Writing generally shows minimal or no evidence the student has done the required research and analysis, consisting instead of opinions, feelings and impressions. Cause is poorly or not at all identified.

Points Possible 50

Points: 45 - 50

Points: 35 - 45

Points: below 35

Outcomes (20%)

Comprehensively Identifies outcomes including results of recommendations.

Identifies a sufficient number of outcomes including some results of recommendations.

Minimally or does not identify any outcomes; lacks results of recommendations.

Points Possible 20

Points: 18 - 20

Points: 14 - 18

Points: below 14

Evidence (20%)

Uses authentic examples, exhibits, research, and/or data from course content and from valid, external information sources throughout.

Some evidence is used in appropriate locations throughout the paper.

Minimal or no evidence is present to validate analysis or other important elements in the assignment.

Points Possible 20

Points: 18 - 20

Points: 14 - 18

Points: below 14

Organization & Mechanics (10%)

Responses are well-structured, organized, and logically-consistent manner throughout. Uses proper APA citations and references; grammatically-sound and free of spelling errors, following required formatting rules; and fully addresses given assignment.

Responses are sufficiently structured, organized, and mostly logical throughout. Citations are sometimes missing and/or are incorrect; an acceptable level of writing is exhibited, even with a few mechanical mistakes, but the communication is clear nonetheless.

Responses are badly structured, disorganized, and not very logical through- out. Lack of any sort of citation; grammar, spelling, and/or word choice errors are frequent enough that the communication is muddled or incomprehensible.

Points Possible 10

Points: 9 - 10

Points: 7 - 9

Points: below 7

Total Possible: 100


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