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Business Plan for Inkitty Restaurant

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

General Company Description 3

Products and services 4

Financial Plan 5

Stakeholders 5

Internal Stakeholders 5

External Stakeholders 5

Marketing plan 6

Market segmentation and target market 6

PEST analysis 7

SWOT Analysis 9

Marketing mix/ 4p’s analysis 10

Operational Plan 12

Staffing 12

Organizational Structure 12

Resource 13

Business location 13

Production 13

Biography of Entrepreneur 14

References 15

Appendix 16

Projected Loss and Profit Statement 16

Balance Sheet 17

Income Statement 18

Executive Summary

INKITTY Restaurant is a dessert, bakery with the hello kitty theme that is located in the Sri Petaling, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. They serve about Indonesian food, dessert and cake that will be design like a hello kitty.

INKITTY Restaurant will being a new concept of cute and cozy place for hang in and special occasion for customer. INKITTY will provide a combination of design and food at value pricing with fun packaging and atmosphere. INKITTY also will introduce the new way of serving


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