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Boeing Corporation's Management Planning

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Boeing Corporation's Management Planning

Boeing Corporation is a multinational company with offices scattered in almost 90 countries. The company has more or less 157,100 employees worldwide (Datamonitor, 2010). Considering its large size, it is no longer a question why the company needs a well-planned set of functions to be delegated and followed. Planning will always be the most crucial task of any management team, no matter what the nature of the business may be. It is in this stage that all the functions being delegated to the rest of the workforce are indentified. At the same time, it is also in this stage when the standards are set. In this paper, we will look at the different planning functions of the management team and how it reflects to the general nature of the Boeing Company, itself. Moreover, the paper will also indentify some of the factors that affect how the company conceptualizes its strategies, tactics, and other contingency plans. Boeing Company is a good representation of an organization wherein all the levels of management can be seen.

According to Datamonitor (2010), Boeing Company is the top aerospace company in the world that manufactures commercial jetliners and other military equipments. Aside from those major products, the company is also a known manufacturer of satellites, electronic and defense system, launch vehicles, rotorcraft, missiles, and other advanced information and communication technology equipments. One of the known factors that led the Boeing Company to the top is their planning strategy. Due to this earned reputation, Boeing Company has been very keen in overusing all four functions of management, even during their first step of planning to promote their product. The company recognizes how important good planning and thorough decision-making is for their own success.

Ethical, Legal, and Social Responsibility

Even though huge and successful, the Boeing Company has still not escaped some ethical issues that have undoubtedly threatened its image. One of these ethical dilemmas was concern of the public regarding their safety and goals. The company here is dealing with two great issues, which is the public concern plus the state of the environment (Mcnerney, 2006). This was specifically tougher for them because the public is generally looking after every move of this huge company. With this, the company should be very careful in every product details, such as communicating clearly on when, where, and how they products should be used. They should also spend ample of time in developing and testing the technologies that they are going to release. It becomes even more important for the company to be constantly ethical since the world literally is watching them.

Moreover, there are also some legal responsibilities specifically because they need the US government's approval for the release of some of their


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