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Apple's Assessment and Analysis to Its Internal and External Environment

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Appleā€™s assessment and analysis to its internal and external environment

The product leader of the market creates strong brand value, obtains a competitive advantage, and achieves long-term, maximizing revenue through the development and commercialization of new products and services in order to continue offering the best product. Under Steve Jobs' strong, technical obsession, creative and innovative skills, passions, commitment and entrepreneurship, Apple became one of the largest companies in the world.

Internal environments of the company

In Apple, shareholders, the board of directors and employees are affected by its activities according to product leader discipline in the market. There are 1,726 Apple shareholders, including Vanguard Group, Inc. and State Street Corp. For them, Jobs' vision was instrumental in their decision to invest in the company and helped spur tremendous share-price growth over the last several years. Steve Jobs was the only member of the board of directors inside the company. The board of directors supervises the CEO and other senior executives, ensure the satisfactory and ethical operation of the company on a daily basis, and make sure that shareholders' interests are being served. Although Jobs made Apple great by ignoring profit, they never criticized him because of his innovative and dynamic leadership. Since Apple represents the only product leadership in the personal computer industry which designs and manufactures everything from hardware and operating systems to sophisticated applications, Apple has been focused on its employees most. After recruiting the most talented employees, it creates a flexible and committed organizational structure and provides efficient coordination, while accommodating inventiveness and discipline. This product leader aspect magnifies its human capital and technology so that they can lead the market in


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