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Swot- Internal & External Analysis

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SWOT- Internal & External Analysis

It is necessary for an organization to analyze its internal and external environment. Especially, Tourism Niagara should focus on its customer and industry analysis. In order to measure how well Tourism Niagara is doing currently, customer and industry analysis is the effective tool to provide a better understanding of its customers, competitive advantages, and competitors. Customer and industry analysis also can be used to forecast and estimate Tourism Niagara’s future development. The internal and external environment of Tourism Niagara can be driven from the tourism market’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

First of all, one of the strengths for Tourism Niagara is its physical location of Gateway. Gateway is located in Grimsby and it is a perfect stop before travelling to Niagara region due to its travel counseling, free maps and brochures services. On Tourism Niagara website, it is easy to manage trip plans. The website is a good tool for tourists to plan their entire vacation. Tourism Niagara also has its own booking engine for hotels, which is a great one stop avenue for trip planning in the Niagara region. These website features are the Tourism Niagara’s competitive advantages that differentiate themselves from other companies’ websites. In addition, the other strength for Tourism Niagara is the Canadian legal age for drinking. Compared to the legal drinking age of 21 in the U.S., Ontari o’s legal drinking age of 19 attracts more potential alcohol younger consumers from across the border. As to the greatest tourist attraction, Niagara Falls was itself the subject of popular IMAX movie, the Maid of the Mist boat cruise and Niagara Sky wheel. All the attractions and strengths provide Niagara Falls tourism market a competitive advantage.

Weaknesses ----DAN

Even though some weaknesses in Niagara Falls can influence tourists’ decision, there are more opportunities for Tourism Niagara to make them into balance. According to the Business In Focus (2012), the WEGO service, which commenced last August, has already proven itself to be a tremendous success. Once the $50 million system is completed in 2014, it will see 27 fully accessible buses with intelligent transportation and fare collection systems in service. The WEGO service completely solved the weakness for transportation in Niagara Region. Additionally, eight of the existing Niagara Parks Peoplemover stations will be upgraded. New pick-up and drop-off points will be established and other improvements including the storage and maintenance facility for the new buses will be built. After the completion of security facility, safety issues were mitigated and effectively prevented. In general, $2.8 billion of investment opportunities are available over the next 20 years. On October 3, 2012, the Mayor of Niagara Falls officially


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