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Analysis of D'choice Restaurant

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A. Background

In this Era, most people tend to work by ignoring what kind of food they need to give energy for their body. This is the reason why they don't have time for cooking. in this case, restaurant is one of alternative place to help people to eat. Restaurant gives many benefits for people. They give best service for us, Restaurant supply has many kind of food, we can choose food we like and we can enjoy it with friends or family. We don't need to know the recipe or how to cook that. We just need to come, sit, order, eat and pay.

The benefit of having our meals in a restaurant makes us easy to get delicious foods without spending many much time for cooking, remember the recipe and shopping the material of food. In restaurant there has chef who can help them to make many kind of food on menu. Sometimes, in restaurant also make a new innovations and the interest recipe and we cannot predict how we cook that. So, without knowing the recipe, we will enjoy the food by going to restaurant.

Every restaurant has different level; there are economic, medium and high class. Economic class is the restaurant that can be reached by all of people because have cheaper price. High class restaurant is the restaurant with expensive price but have good quality of facilities and service. Medium class is between economic and high class, because the price, facilities and service are at average level.

Most of businessman especially in Pontianak choose to open medium restaurant. As we know people more interesting to come to medium class restaurant because the price is cheap and the food is delicious. Many people said if the food taste good then the price is also good too. Like people said " boss food with cheap price." Businessman create food witches rich by the adult student and also family.

Most of Pontianak citizen like to eat and hangout. This is the reason why there are many restaurant at here. The restaurant makes competition to make people like and enjoy to come to the restaurant. For the example from the menu, service, facilities, and price. From menu we can give unique and delicious food with chipper price. We must give best service and good facilities, because that can make people enjoy in our restaurant and they would like to come back to be our costumer.

D'choice restaurant is one of restaurant that is already developing, D'choice has strategic place at Gajahmada Street, which is in front of Flamboyan market and

beside the office of Pontianak Post. D'choice has a lot of variant menu and the kitchen is in front of the restaurant which people can see directly when the chef is cooking, and this is the way to make people interested and make D'choice always exist.

D'choice exist in Pontianak because the owner of the restaurant read the opportunity to develop a culinary business because


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