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Analysis: Nokia's Strategy and Tactics of Two Sides of the Reason and Purpose

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Analysis: Nokia's strategy and tactics of two sides of the reason and purpose

For Nokia, the brand strong support, the Nokia "Ming at large, to steal," the "two sides" are hidden. And, whether Nokia is in the "Ming at large" or "steal" for consumers, is beneficial. But there are some Nokia reason this practice and purpose, do the following to analyze the ZDC.

From the perspective of reasons, mainly reflected in three aspects:

First, the high-and low-end two-pronged approach, to seize the other vendors in the mobile phone market share.

Second, a strong sense of Nokia's market crisis, mainly from three aspects:

On the one hand, Motorola as the current smart phone market to compete with Nokia, a few manufacturers, and its development platform through the acquisition of JUIX completed the final establishment of the operating system. According to official said Motorola's MOTOMAGX is likely to be rivals Symbian and Microsoft, which is bound to the smart phone market, Nokia's dominance shaken.

On the other hand, while Nokia accounted for 38% of the global handset market share, but according to Vendor MatrixI study shows that low-end market, Motorola is still in the first position, the second of Nokia, Samsung and LG followed, which makes the Nokia face Passing the status quo. Only at the low end to replace Motorola, Nokia, to ensure the stability of dominance.

In addition, Nokia also faces LG, Samsung and other manufacturers of technical challenges. According to market research firm Parks Associates in July 2007 to the latest survey of consumer goods: in the United States, LG Electronics and Samsung have become the climax of the entertainment mobile phone maker. The two companies in the mobile phone TV, music, games, projects, ahead of rivals such as Motorola and Nokia.

Visible, Nokia wants to expand market share in the United States, but also the face of Samsung, LG challenges, and develop more advanced entertainment features powerful models to deal with the current situation.

Third, the Nokia high-end market in different strengths and weaknesses. Low-end market is the fastest


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