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America Is the Land of Plenty

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America is the land of plenty. Their ear jobs, cars, homes and food. American's indulge in all of their favorite past times foods, but over the years we have developed poor and unhealthy eating habits and many of us have become obese. Though Americans continue to gain weight, more people than ever are either dieting to reduce weight or watching their calories (Kolata, 2000, 3.para.2). Therefore we as American's must learn to eat, live, and sustain a healthier lifestyle to avoid on-going or gain new medical problems.

Yes, I have an exercise and nutrition regimen, I go to the gym three times a week and work out on the weights, bicycle, tread-mill, and use the sauna. Though I do not have a good nutrition regiment yet. I have started to eat more fruits and vegetables and have cut back on fried foods tremendously. I have also learned through the readings that there are other things I can do to become healthier are to; reduce my calorie intake or increase my energy use. To continue to incorporate healthy food into my lifestyle, and to exercise more than I already am, by exercising 30 minutes a day. To walk at least three times a week, to avoid stress, get at least eight hours of sleep a day and to avoid being depressed.

No, I do not experience high levels of stress, but I have had some stressful moments in my life from family, friends, and the work environment. Some of the things that one can do to cope with an reduce stress in your life is to learn good management skills and having the active support of family, friends, and classmates, remove one's self from stressful situations, don't over whelm yourself, don't sweat the small stuff, learn how to best relax yourself, and set realistic goals for yourself. All of these factors will help you cope with your stress.


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