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10 Decisions of Operations Management - Hard Rock Cafe

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Operations Management

Chapter 1

1.How each of the 10 decisions of OM is applied at Hard rock Café?

product design: Product in HRC its not only limited to its menu but also their venues. Review of menus and food research is important within HRC.

quality: surveys are done regularly, in HRC if the score its not 7 out of 7 its consider a failure.  

process: The process starts as the customer enters the restaurant, gets a table assigned, order foods, gets serve, pays for its food, and while exiting he might buy merchandising. The process continues internally as the tables needs to be rest for the next customer. 

location: From country, to city, to exact street address. Trying to foresee risks of the markets location. It’s part of the brand success as this type of decisions are long term. It’s not only about selecting the right place but also at the right time.

layout: from food preparation on the kitchen flow to restaurant and bar layout. All the memorabilia together with music, screens, lights are design to promote the purchase of merchandising.

human resources: On top of standard skills needed at a restaurant, HRC looks for people that is passionate, love music and enjoy serving others. As a global company, they have a clear objective of reclute, training and retaining employees so they become part of their company success.

supply- chain management: includes the procurement of food, beverages, furniture, general supplies, restaurant utensils and merchandising. The key and where the department focuses will be on food, being perishable and merchandising as it is part of their branding strategy. Most merchandising is manufactured at a few locations and then needs to be distributed to each city where there is a HRC. In terms of food, every venue must have certified and reliable suppliers.

inventory: Involves food, merchandising and a rock n roll memorabilia of 1,000 pieces. Its important to know the story behind each piece of the memorabilia and thru they inventory system they know exactly where it is. This is key to the company strategy as this memorabilia is part of their theme.

Food being perishable needs to be control so it doesn’t get to waste. On most cases, a demand will be plan so that waste can be reduce as much as possible.

Merchandising its part of the branding strategy of the company. Each item will include the name of the city and its important to have all items in different sizes, for men and women.

scheduling: According to sales they plan their weeks, according to seasonality, trends of the past weeks and events in the community. With these in mind, they forecast their sales and plan for the appropriate number of employees on each department.


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