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The Life Case

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There's plenty of things I'd like to accomplish before I pass away. And they are; to go to Paris, open my own movie production studio, take care of my grandmother, strengthen my walk with God, and last but not least get married. I can greatly assure, one could think of plenty others however, these are the few that came to mind.

Imagine this; you're on a plane right now at night. And looking down, one observe a spectacle of lights in an array of beauty that fill ones heart with joy and excitement, as they look down and see the golden lights on the Eiffel Tour. As one walk the streets one has a sense of pride and a sense of being. One can practically fill the magic in the air, and that magic, is Paris. Before I kick the bucket I'd love to travel to Paris. The golden streets of fashion, tourism,and the beautiful romance languge fills my heart with a musical melody of the love and joy to be alive. And since I speak French, this would be an ideal place of enjoyment for someone such as I. I'd also love to sit on one of the love benches in a parisian park and abserve two lovers in the most elegant and fashionable attire cuddling each other in warmth, and comfort. To see the Mona Lisa, and wonder what inspired the artist to create such a beautiful and marvolous work of art in great contour, or to see the thinker, and wonder what he's thinking. Such will be my joy to have achieved this before I journy to that great world beyond.

Alright places everyone! and lights, carmera, action!. These are the words that scream from the mouth of the director of Firelion Studios in Hampton VA. and that director, is yours truly,myself. Before I kick the bucket, I intend to own my very own movie production studio right here in Virginia. This wouldn't only put money in my pockets but in the animation/film students just graduating from colledge's pockets as well. Thus this will insprire anyone...


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