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Energizing the World, Bettering People's Lives

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6.2 Mission Justification

Noble Energy’s stated mission is “Energizing the world, bettering people’s lives” and these recommended strategies are in sync with that belief.

With having a competitive edge over their competitors, they see that their secondary mission to positively influence the lives of their stakeholders is true. To create superior returns to their stakeholders, Noble Energy competitive advantage is the driving force that will make those returns grow in the coming years to new heights.

Noble Energy complying with the regulations that are in place and newer ones that come into place on a regular basis shows the company’s commitment to setting a standard of excellence. Their desire to demonstrate leadership in environment, health, safety, compliance management and corporate citizenship showcases that commitment to the public that they hold that up to the highest of standard possible. They seek not only to protect the wellbeing of their employees and the communities around them but they seek to establish a culture of caring. Noble Energy has many volunteer services to demonstrate their appreciation of the communities around them and to give back to improve the lives of the people in that community. Noble Energy understands that if they waver for just one moment that they lose not only the confidence of the public but they lose their competitive advantage as well. Every though the losing that competitive advantage would be detrimental to the company, it would be more damaging to Noble Energy to lose the respect from the communities.

By using partnerships, Noble Energy is utilizing this strategy to go in line with their belief in having the right people and technology. Even though partnerships pose a potential risk, they understand that having things done the right way is more important and is worth the risk to gain the reward. By using these partnerships, they are joining forces with people who may have a better expertise in what they are doing and the technology to get what needs to be done.

6.3. Goals and Objectives

Noble Energy main goal is to create superior returns relative to their peers, by utilizing their capital investment program to its maximum potential and carefully creating a strategy that will accomplish that potential, Noble Energy has the potential to accomplishing that goal. By making this goal their top priority, Noble Energy will not only profit in the short-term but will create a foundation that will help the company flourish in the distant future as well. By bringing an expected return of 16% for next year, the goal of a capital investment program will bring in similar returns repeatedly in the years to come.

Another goal for Noble Energy to establish is to continue its search for renewable energy sources and reduce its carbon emissions. Noble Energy


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