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Call Me Flory by Wilfrido Maria Guerrero

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Call me Flory” by Wilfrido Maria Guerrero is a type of play with the genre of one act play melodrama. The play is about Florencia Aragon de Caracoles, a woman who does not know how to look back from her origin.

The author expressed the idea through the real attitude of its characters. Florencia Aragon de Caracoles, the protagonist of the story married a wealthy man who believed making money with the Japanese that caused him very wealthy. When the time Flory became rich, she turned out to be proud, boastful, and arrogant woman. It was evident in the line “Those squatters who were formerly in Intramuros. Thank God they are evicted. Can you imagine? I used to hear mass every day at the Cathedral, and whenever we passed in our Mercedes Benz 600 by those streets, I felt my self-suffocating with the smells and sights of those horrible people. Uff, such disgusting squatters people” (Guerrero, n.d.). Then, when she describes undesirably Maria Cruz de la Dolarosa, one of the committee of the charity and describes how many their possessions in terms of cars “Uff, that woman. She used to be in the buy-and-sell after Liberation. She dealt with jewelry. Now she is very rich. She puts on such airs. She has only two cars. We have five, not including the two jeeps and station wagon which used to take my husband to Capipisa” (Guerrero, n.d.) when actually, it was herself she was describing at- woman with full of air. Flory agreed to join the charity only because she wants to take the opportunity to meet well known and influential personalities, especially the first lady and she would buy as many tickets as possible if the first lady would come to her house.

These ideas are morally incorrect but in many cases, it happened in our society. It may be a politician, businessmen, celebrities, and for a certain reason those who were one’s poor or came in a low-income family. Once they


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