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Urban Patterns: The Making of Dramaville

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Urban Patterns: The Making of Dramaville

When building and designing an adequate map for the Urbanization Project, I decided to base my design off of the Concentric Zone Model. In my opinion, I feel that E. W. Burgess's design is very accurate with the ring shaped diffusion of urban patterns, so my utopia is based on my opinions. The map I designed is based on the performance and film industry, with high, middle, and low class residential areas woven among the constant hustle and bustle. With this industry, I feel that my design is adequate.

The Central Business District is, obviously, in the center of my map. I have located the low class residential areas very close to the central business district, for the residents of this area would be most likely to utilize the office space and businesses in the area. I located the industries/manufacturing buildings between the low and middle class residential areas for quick access. These industries are specialized and/or factory based since they would supply lighting, sound, costume, and make-up supplies to the outer services. The low class residential area would be considered an industrial suburb since the bulk of the residents would keep jobs in the industries that feed the city's needs. I included multiple bus stops between the low class residential suburbs since the citizens within them would be less likely to afford their own vehicles as transportation. The bus garages are located just outside of this area.

The middle class residential area is a Metropolitan Statistical Area. There are several adjacent suburbs with over 50,000 citizens living within. These residential suburbs would both work in the factories and utilize the outer services. The high class residential areas and the services that utilize the factory's products make up the outer ring. The high class residential area is a Micropolitan Statistical Area since fewer than 50,000 citizens live


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