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Instructions for Making Sandwiches

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Types of Sandwiches

Pinwheel Sandwich

Instructions for making a pinwheel sandwich

• 1 Buy the pinwheel sandwich filler ingredients. Vegetables like cucumbers, radishes and peeled carrots are great additions. Many diners like to add a slice or two of cheese or deli meats for a heartier fare.

• 2 Remove the crust on a full loaf of white bread. Slice the bread in half lengthwise with a large bread knife.

• 3 Flatten each half of the loaf of bread with a rolling pin, keeping equal pressure on the rolling pin as not to tear or damage the bread.

• 4 Spread a condiment on each flattened half of the bread. Keep the amount minimal to avoid making the bread too soggy.

• 5 Apply any vegetables in thin strips and layers along the length of the bread loaf. Add any sliced cheeses or meats to the sandwich.

• 6 Roll the bread halves lengthwise, keeping all ingredients together and firmly packed during the rolling process.

• 7 Wrap the entire rolled sandwich in a cling film and refrigerate until chilled. Remove from wrap and slice into servings.

Open Face Sandwich

This hot open sandwich came about one cold day when my heart was absolutely set on a hot open turkey sandwich. We had bread, we had turkey gravy...and no turkey! Now I obviously wasn't going to buy a whole turkey for a couple of sandwiches, and boneless turkey breast is non existent in my neighborhood supermarkets. I ended up getting a great alternative in chicken (not that it's rocket science or anything


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