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The Historians Helping Hands

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Helping Hands

        We call our group “Helping Hands”, because we wanted to help communities that think that they are in trouble or even having a hard time in progressing. We conduct services to anyone who needs help to solve the issues in their own community. We help communities to grow and work in unity to be a wonderful place for people who live in there.


        We commmit to develop a safe and healthy community in the service of helping without expecting anything in return.


        “Helping Hands” is a reliable and non-government helping organization that helps the commmunity to work in harmony and be happy.



Our logo is designed with “infnity” because we want to help people as mush as we can endlessly. It has two “H” for the name of the organization which is “Helping Hands”. As you can see, there’s a picture of the earth on the top of the infinity because we also want to teach every community care for our ecosystem. Lastly, is the “Russian Stacking Doll” or Matryoshka dolls because it symbolizes motherhood and family. It inspires us to put it in the our logo because we also want to stregthen the bonds of families, help them become happy and protect the rights of mothers and their children, because the kids today can be a great person tommorow.[pic 1]