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Dillon Marshall - a Biography

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Dillon was having such a hard time adjusting to everything after having denouncing God. He had essentially given up everything that he wanted to pursue. He gave up spending time with someone he loved as he would much rather spend time using drugs. He initially wanted to apply to the police force and gave up that to party. He wanted to apply to Michigan State University and blew that as being in an altered, non-reality state of mind was more important. It comes down to the fact that his demons were controlling his life and he felt as though he couldn’t control his demons.

        Dillon got to where he at the very least wanted apply to community college. He thought for sure that if he could at least push past and do something good, something positive with his life, that it would get him out of the crazy rut that he has been in. It would give him a sense of hope and much needed change that he desperately needed. When he went to apply, he found out that he had missed a deadline to apply and wouldn’t be able to start school that semester.

        There appeared to be no hope in sight and that nothing was going to go the way he expected it to. It was at this point that Dillon felt as though it was the end for him. He couldn’t keep important people in his life, he couldn’t pursue and commit to doing the things in his life that are ultimately going to make his life more positive and influential. And he couldn’t control his life and the lack of structure that he was used to with the military was non-existent. If anything, the depression stemming from feeling not good enough that he had dealt with since he was a teenager, came back full circle. Dillon felt as though there was no point in going on. It was then that he decided enough was enough and that calling it quits was the best possible option for him. He didn’t see the point in continuing on and letting everyone else down constantly.

        Dillon didn’t want people to think that he was suicidal or had any real problems other than the fact that he had drug issues. Therefore, he used that very fact as a way to end his own life. He didn’t want people to think he committed suicide but he didn’t care if they thought that he overdosed as it wouldn’t have been a huge surprise to anyone. His first attempt was to drink a half-gallon of Captain Morgan, in the hopes of getting alcohol poisoning. After being drunk for about 8 hours, he was still alive and started to sober up, so he drank a little more. He thought, “Okay, maybe I need to make peace with someone before I go out of this world.” So he decided to text his ex-girlfriend and let her know how proud of her he was for getting her GED, having a good job, and going to cosmetology school. That didn’t go well as she was very upset at him for texting him, not just because it had been about 2 months since she heard from him but also because it was about 2 in the morning. Needless to say, she was not happy.


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