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Bruce Croxon Biography

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Bruce Croxon, an entrepreneur[1] and a digital trailblazer[2], was a visionary[3] who saw an opportunity [4]in the market long before the age of widespread internet use and dating sites. He was known for his grit and idea of not being too attached to the highs or be too despaired by the lows, and knowing and accepting the idea that change is inevitable, and that one just needs to hang in there because things do not last forever. He is also a vocal supporter of Anaphylaxis Canada (now known as Food Allergy Canada (Holcroft, 2015)).


Born in the 1st of January in 1970 to British and Jamaican parents, Bruce began his calling by planting trees in British Columbia for 2 cents per tree. It was through this job that he learned the importance of the environment and nature (Top Business Entrepreneurs Website, 2014). This was also a contributor to his attachment to the great Canadian outdoors and sparked his creativity [5]at a young age. He sees Canada’s landscape as his own backyard where he likes to surf, golf and kayak. He can be found spending a majority of his free time on the thrilling slopes of Whistler Blackcomb in B.C. (Bruce Croxon Webpage, 2015). Bruce graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of the Arts.

After his ventures[6], Bruce pays homage to his father who was one of the major influences that shaped his business acumen[7] and had instilled in Bruce the “hunger” that later drove him into entrepreneurial success. The work ethic of his father, who came to Canada with nothing more than fifty dollars back then at the age of nineteen, and how he had to sell himself as a sales person. It took the necessary skills along with courage for him to succeed to allow Bruce and his family to have food on the table. This was a fundamental part in Bruce’s life, watching his father have sleepless nights, sweat it out, grind it out and hoping that in the end it all will turn around.

Bruce is happily married with two children whom have severe allergies to food, which played a key part in him being involved as a national spokesperson for Food Allergy Canada. Their key responsibilities include research and development of cures and vaccinations as well as to raise awareness to prevent people from having anaphylactic shocks. He also takes part in a sporting event annually with Magna that hosts a golf tournament to help raise awareness and donations for the cause. This makes him a social entrepreneur[8] since he is so invested in trying to help with social causes and to reinforce his values onto others.


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