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90’ Entrepreneur - Yuchen Sun

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90’ Entrepreneur - Yuchen Sun

Exclusive summary

Based on the online interview of Yuchen Sun on ‘DIALOGUE’ China’s talk show in 2015, the author of this report write about the achievement of this entrepreneur and entrepreneurship experience, and aim to find out what characteristics of entrepreneur lead them to success. After analyze the story of the entrepreneur, the author come up with own finding and conclusion.


Yuchen Sun, 26 year-old CEO of 90s social network application Company, founder CEO of Raybo Firm, established in 2014. The social network application ‘PeiwoAPP’ of his company is considered as one of the most popular Voice social communication applications in China which invested by many China’s and America’s top institutional investors. Peiwo application is an instant voice communication tool on smart phone which meet the demand of young people. The user in Peiwo APP can find any other user to chat, while the user need to pay for chatting with some senior users or high quality, popular users. Using Peiwo APP without facing each other, users can have a free chat without caring about their appearance. Moreover, compare to video call application and photo social network application, it is more convenient and efficient for user to chat with other user only through sound.

While another company called Raybo, which is the first distributed internet financial technology company in China. Raybo’s vision is “ encourage the freedom of value flow, committed to optimize the value and simplify the relationship between user and money. Raybo aims to develop and promote a global value network, so that the value of money, time, debt, stock, insurance and so on


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