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Sun Affect the Earth

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Six-thousand is the amount of heat that come from the surface of the sun.

There are many effects of the suns waves on the earth every movement of life , as we know , the sun is one of the sources of the would life without which everything will die.

There are effects that we don't to appreciate the pond of the sun in our life , we must examine the many important effects happening every second , everyday of the year.

The earth is the ship that Carrie us in this infinite space. Without the energy source of this ship, we are doomed.

The first effect of the sun is in the life of every creature on earth.

For example the sun affects humans in different ways like time.

We know when the sun comes up that mean to us that we must get up and go to the work ,to school or what ever work you have, also when it goes down that means we must get rest .

All of that means that the sun affect us physically .

The most unexpectable way of the suns affecting the future of the human race is in prowling us with an alternative to petrol.

Geologists think that the petrol will finish soon and we need another source to relay on and they found the sun.

The sun is one of the infinite sources we will use in the near future .

We can use the waves that comes out of the sun and transfer it to electrical power , the sciences say that the waves of the sun have a huge amount of electrons and neutrons as they say these are regenerating electric power when they hit the earth , this power will be using in cars and "the future houses".

This revolution will have an effect on the industrial economics because they know they have to build these "cells" the cells are some small piece like the mirrors are absorbing the sun heat and converted it to energy .

Some people think that the sun is here to give us warmth and it doesn't have anything to do with the weather , but this is a great mistake if you think like that.

The second effect is on the state of the weather . the weather is something we encounter everyday like the wind , the cold weather and the hot , the dusty one and the fog .

The weather even has an effect on our mood : cloudy,sunny,hot..

When the sun goes very hot it will affect the sea it make it bowls in some time that causing the steam or the fog and for your information the sun is one


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