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Denver's Stapleton Airport City

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Because of the large growth of Denver’s Stapleton Airport city officials determined by the year 2000 that the airport would not be able to handle the expected passenger traffic. Remodeling the Stapleton Airport would have solved the problem until 2005 in which the airport would again not be able to handle the expected passenger traffic. Denver needed a large airport because the nearest major airport was 500 miles away. In 1988 the Stapleton airport ranked the fifth busiest in the country with 30 million passengers. By the year 2000 Denver’s airport was estimated to have 66 million passengers. The Stapleton airport caused many delays because of the lack options to land plans in bad weather. With all the delays caused by the Stapleton airport it was estimated it cost airlines 100 million dollars and unconvinced passengers across the country. Building a new airport would improve the efficiency of landing planes especially in bad weather which would decrease delays across the country.

Anxiety is defined as a diffuse state of being uneasy or worried about what may happen. I am very anxious to visit the country because it is going to be different from what I am used to in Wisconsin. The country is one of the richest countries in the world relying on their natural resources. The people of the country speak Hyposh which I have never heard or used and I am afraid there could be a communication barrier. I have been reading about the country and culture to ease my worried thoughts. I have also bought Rosetta Stone so I can learn Hyposh to help communicate with people within the country and perhaps it will help portray that I am open to learning more about their culture.

Communication apprehension is a fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with another person or persons. I do not speak Hyposh and am trying to learn it through Rosetta Stone but am worried I could misuse a word or pronounce it wrong. I am afraid I


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