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American History Qzone Development History and E-Commerce Competition

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Qzone development history and e-commerce competition

Almost all the company's developments have gained a wide audience, but one of its most famous services is the social network Qzone, which appeared in 2005. There were no social networks on the PRC market yet, and Qzone was then considered only as an addition to other Tencent services. Despite the product’s spuriousness, users enjoyed the opportunity to customize their page, post and send photos, listen to music and keep diaries.

Tencent, prone to synchronizing its products, allowed it to use the social network without registering with a profile in QQ, which gave the project several hundred million potential users.
In the same year, another social network appeared on the Chinese market - the Xiaonei Network, which later became known as Renren. It was a clone of Facebook, which also initially spread among university students, but, unlike Qzone, there was no strong corporation and service to share with the audience. This predetermined the victory of Tencent.

In 2007, Qzone celebrated 100 million users. The growth rate of the audience forced to expand the functionality of the network. Standard functions remained available to all users, and for additional it was necessary to pay. For example, in the online store QQ Show you can buy virtual clothes, jewelry and cosmetics for the user's avatar.

In 2010, Tencent launched two more social networks. The first, Tencent Weibo, is similar to Twitter banned in China. The problem is that there is already one such product on the PRC market - Sina Weibo. He is also considered to be an analogue of Twitter, but uses the functions of other Western social networks.


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