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Missing Songs

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Missing songs: During the past several months, you downloaded more than 1,000 songs to your portable media player. Tonight, when you turn on your portable media player, it is not able to locate any of your songs and an error message displays on the screen. What might be causing this?

A portable music player such as an iPod or and mp3 player contains a flash memory, a type of non-volatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten. A flash memory is used by portable music players in order to easily update contents. Music or any type of media is stored in a personal computer and copied to the flash memory chip of the portable media player. We have come up with four reasons why a portable media player cannot locate songs and displays an error message on the screen.

The most plausible cause is that the folder with all the media files might have been moved or deleted from its old location. In an iTunes media player, for example, this problem arises when the deletion of media files prevents your portable media player to locate any of the downloaded songs.

Another possible reason can be when one a portable media player is synced from a different computer. As mentioned earlier, a flash memory updates itself promptly so gathering music from a different computer will avert you from using the songs you had wanted to use.

The third instance would be when one removes the cable from a USB port immediately without performing “Safely remove hardware”. It will instigate the device to malfunction if the portable media player is still communicating with a personal computer when you remove the USB cable. The last likely possibility is if a computer virus has entered the device causing it to notify an error.


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