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Indentification and Fixing of Requirement Defects in Later Stages Increase Cost in Term of Time and Money

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Indentification and Fixing of Requirement Defects in Later Stages Increase Cost In Term of Time and Money

Team Members Name: Mahwish Sonia 10-5021, Rabia Akhtar 10-5082



he purpose of this very term paper is core focus to learn and enhance vision relating to the Software Process Management and Metrics; dynamic process modeling; predominantly our detail analysis will provide the impact of identification of requirements defects in testing phase in term of cost. Defects are seeded in each phase of software development. Requirements engineering phase is a major source of defects. Requirements defects identified in testing phase are the most costly to correct because all phases of software develoment are usually impacted. 40 to 60% of all defects found in software projects can be traced back to poor requirements [6]. According to Boehm, Error found in late in the development process can cost up to 200 times more than if they were detected during the requirement analysis phase[5]. Requirements defects occur because of incorrect or misunderstood requirements or invisible requirements that result in rework. Rework costs 70 to 80% of development cost [2]. We will model these facts and prove that idenfication and fixing of requirement defects in testing phase increase cost.


H1: Why there are maximum requirements defects in projects?

H2: Which type of requirements defects really increase cost?

Index Terms—Requirements Defects, Impact of Requirements Defects



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