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The Long Term Cost and Benefits Analysis of Beijing and London Olympic Game

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Hold an Olympic Game will give both cost and benefits in the area. For long term’s development, there is an example: When London won the bid in 2005, visit Britain estimated that the games in London could bring in £2bn in tourism revenue. Prime minister at the time, Tony Blair, said that the Olympics represented a “once-in-an-era opportunity for British tourism.” this project report refers to give and summary all kind of evidences to analysis and compare the long term cost and benefit about two Olympic Games in Beijing and London.

Review of literature

There is a research, the table below is the results of the correlations indicated that the environment and new tourism models are the most significant factors in the development of Beijing after the Olympic Games (r = 0.622) most respondents were satisfied with the improvement of the Olympic city. The respondents also considered tourism as their national product since the Olympic Games and after the end of the Games.(Kapareliotis, Panopoulos, & Panigyrakis, 2010)

Table 1:

London had used the Olympics to redevelop an entire area of the city that had long languished, with millions of pounds being poured into the area to provide a lasting legacy for the area. And transportation workers to get £2.5m tour of Olympic Park (BBC new 2012). But in long term, the cost will be worth it. According to the evidence of Beijing and Atlanta, Olympics-related development to expand and improve its transportation system, which has helped promote business to the city.

Literature is reviewed from a variety of source to:

 Identify why government would hold Olympic Games, and which industry will get benefit and that cost (mainly in the tourism industry) after Olympic for long term development. (Baade, & Matheson, 2002; )

 Summarize the benefit and cost of Beijing after Olympic Game till now (Kapareliotis, Panopoulos, and Panigyrakis, 2010)

 According to the cost of London Olympic Game till now, forecast the Economic Impact and the opportunity after 2012 for long term (Blake, 2005; Poynter& MacRury, 2009; Barrett, 2011 )

 Study the theory of analysis


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