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Homework Assignment 9 - Chapter 9

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Homework assignment 9

Chapter 9

Sylwia Valdes

pg 258 So What #1-5

  1. This video is showing us a new way of creating a presentation by using a data story.

Data storytelling is a technique for presenting the results of business intelligence. Speakers can present data stories live, it’s a new way that is more likely to generate useful action as a result. Data stories provide context and direction and can offer options, even make arguments, about what the data reveals.

  1. PowerPoint was the norm for all of the presentations in the business for a long time, but sometimes it didn’t deliver the message it was supposed to. PowerPoint offers all kinds of templates and graphics tools, but it looks almost the same is used and became kind of boring. PowerPoint was mostly created to inform, a little bit like a lecture. Most of the time was used at passive audience and the presenting person moved from slide to slide, which in a lot of cases was boring and the audience lost the interest.  The storytelling is designed to inform and engage, making business content more entertaining and more interesting for the audience. The audience has the ability to be more involved and the story was delivered to the audience and it was designed specifically for them. Knowledge transfer is higher, more visual style presentation and the audience is more involved.
  2. I picked the following articles:
  • Do we need tools to create storyboards to prepare our data stories? This story is telling us about how hard is for some people to let the paper go and they don’t believe that the technology will make our live easier and replace the paper. And on the other side we have people who switched without any problems and they are using technology especially the storytelling and they don’t imagine their lives without the computers.
  • Storytelling with data: What are the impacts on the audience? This article is very short telling us that storytelling is great but still need a lot of improvement so everyone knows how to use it the right way and when they need it.
  • The last story I picked it was - Stories behind the story: do you tweet during TV shows? This story is analyzing when people are tweeting the most and what is very interesting it is showing that the most time people tweet is during their favorite shows or movies to share their excitement and thought about what they are watching. During the breaks when you would think they will tweet even more actually they stop. So the story is giving us interesting findings about tweeting.
  1. The clear data story is an awesome solution that makes a data accessible to everyone

 and anywhere and thanks to that is it helps to make it fast and easy to prepare reports depending on needs of the user. On top of it, keeps it simple and intuitive for users. Most of today’s companies are recognizing that being successful is all about data and telling meaningful story to support it. Marketers of each company are responsible for the story, and they have to pick the right data depending on those who need to learn something from it. We can create the story the way that the audience listing to it will get as much info as they need to understand what are taking about. And thanks to data story they have quick access to the data they need. Thanks to that a lot of important decisions can be made right on the spot only because we can access the report right away thanks to data.


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