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Deligram Techonologies

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Deligram Technology Ltd.

Background of the company: Deligram Technology Ltd. is one the leading online shopping destination in Bangladesh. Deligram is an online shop where you can buy your any kind of desired product. From grocery product to technological product such as computer laptop every thing you will find in Deligram Technology Ltd. is a sister concern of RahimAfrooz Ltd. RahimAfrooz is a leading brand in Battery, IPS, UPS market. They also import Car’s tyre. Agora the market leading retail super shop is also a sister concern of RahimAfrooz.

Deligram was founded in January, 2018 by the young entrepreneur Mr. Waiz Rahim. Deligram Technology started with their operations with 15 employees. Their head office and warehouse located in West Nakhalpara, Tejgaon.

Deligram Technology is not only focusing online for their service but also, they are taking orders from customers by offline through their agents. They also have a hub at Cumilla Kandhirpar, where customers can order or pickup their delivery. Right now, Deligram has more than twenty agent shop in Cumilla and also started to set their agent shops in Dhaka. In December 2018 Deligram is planning to launch their business in Dhaka. After launching in Dhaka, they will start to spread their business whole over the country. They have also a pickup point in Tongi, Gazipur.

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Company Vision: The corporate vision of Deligram Technology is to lead the market of E-Commerce market in Bangladesh and have their agent shops in every area to serve the people who are uneducated or not educated enough to order from websites.

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Company Mission: The mission statement of Deligram Technology limited is to successfully run the operation in their current targeted market Cumilla and enter into Dhaka as soon as possible to become more known to people as other popular sites.


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