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Centrigugal Compressor Bearing

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1. Obtain required permits.

2. Use proper PPE (goggles, dust mask, gloves,H2S mask, safety belt etc,.).

3. Spade compressor suction, discharge, D.E and N.D.E lube oil inlet lines.

4. Isolate seal gas lines.

5. Obtain Electrical isolation for lube oil pumps and coolers.

6. Skid cleaning.

7. Purge compressor with nitrogen and ensure the absence of gas by gas detector.

8. Remove lube oil drain and vent lines on both ends.

9. Remove coupling spacer.

10. Remove D.E. bearing housing top half cover.

11. Check the alignment and record.

12. Remove hub by using hydraulic special tool after measuring the mounting distance and record.

13. Remove instrumentations.

14. Lock the rotor with special fixture from drive end.

15. Check the axial float and record.

16. Remove N.D.E bearing housing end cover and top half.

17. Remove the outer side thrust bearing assembly.

18. Measure the thrust collar mounting distance and record.

19. Remove the collar lock nut.

20. Remove the thrust collar using hydraulic special tool.

21. Remove the inner side thrust bearing assembly.

22. Remove the journal bearing assembly.

23. Carry out inspection of all bearing pads, measure the dimensions and record.

24. Renew / re-install the pads depends on the condition.

25. Clean


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