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4u Website

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Navigation structure

[pic 1]

Home page:

The website Homepage will be organised into section from the header, slider, primary content, message, main-offer, call to action and finally the footer. The page will consists of both text, images and maybe videos. The links will be organized in a horizontal manner and each section will be accompanied by a heading to bring clarity and improve the usability. The logo will be aligned to the left of the header, followed by the navigation on the right side. Finally the page will be rendered with a lot of effects and animations to improve the user interaction. It will also be composed of links within the page that will be aligned to the footer.

[pic 2]


  1. 1st subpage – services:

Will deploy the same format used on the landing page, however, the content will highly be composed of text and images as this is the most important page that is to speak the purpose and services offered by 4U company. It will have a heading in each and every section as aligned in the layout. It will also be composed of links within the page that will be aligned to the footer.

 [pic 3]

  1. 2nd subpage – about us

The about us page will be quite interactive and full of pictures, headings, links and much text. It will highly be used to display the experts from their images to area of responsibility. Secondly, the text will be used to define the reasons why clients choose 4U services along with the image to the right. [pic 4]

  1. 3rd Subpage – Contact us

This is the page that will contain the contact us form – web-form, map and finally the contact information. Thus is will majorly be composed of text, forms and map. This will be accompanied by links on the footer side of the site.

[pic 5]

CSS effects

Generally, the website theme will be red and light blue colour.

With this in mind, the CSS style sheet will help us stylize the page into our preference colour.

  1. I.e. the body background colour will be white, the font used for the whole page will be Times new Roman as the primary font type, the text size for the general text will be 14 and colour for the text being grey shade. This will be represented on the CSS file as:

body         {        

font-family:"Times New Roman",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;




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