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Stop Pollution

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Stop Pollution

CRUNCH! That is the sound of trash. Do you like stepping on trash? Well I don't, it gets my shoes dirty. It seems that every step I make, I step on trash. Everywhere I look, I find a lot of trash. By 2010, our world will be covered with trash and there is nowhere to throw it away. We can't dump it in the sea, the beach, or the ocean because it will kill the plants and animals that live there. If I had one thing to improve the world, I would want to stop the littering.

People litter too much on Earth. We can't take care of the environment unless we stop littering. We have to protect our world and start taking care of it. This is why we have global warming and everywhere we look, there is trash. The only one way to keep our community a safer and a much cleaner place is if we all work together.

Many other issues are important to look at, however polluting our land with litter is often overlooked. We don't want to let our world die off. We don't want to leave an environmental mess. A way to save our earth is to throw away trash no matter if its tissue or anything small. When you see trash, it should not matter if it is yours. Go ahead and pick it up anyways. This is just a small action to keep the earth safe. That is why we keep our school or community as clean as possible. My principal and vice-principal don't want to see anyone litter and if they do, they always tell them to pick it up. At lunch even when you are still eating the principal will come by and say, "Remember to pick up your trash!" My friends and I always clean-up so that our school will not be dirty. We want this place to be perfect but unfortunately, that is never going to happen. People are not perfect.We should clean our environment now instead of waiting until 2010 to clean the whole world. I think we should start now and keep doing it. Do you want a clean area for your future kids? What happens if they come home all cover in mud or gum? Will you wait to clean them up or do it now? It is time to clean it, don't be lazy, picking up even one piece of trash will make a big difference.

Some people see others throwing trash on the floor and I think they should get a detention for that. I don't see why we should even throw it on the ground but instead just throw it in the trash. In the future, do you want to be in a place of just TRASH? I don't want to be in a place of trash everyday I go to school or to work. Luckily, I live in Torrance and we smell fresh salt air instead of smoke because we live near beaches and ocean. If we work together then we won't have to live in a place like garbage or living in the dumpster.

I'm sure everyone has littered at least 3 times. I think that our new president will know how badly our earth is going to be. Let's try to reuse, recycle, and repurpose. I am going to keep the school I go to a cleaner


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