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Here You Go

Autor:   •  March 21, 2019  •  Course Note  •  257 Words (2 Pages)  •  60 Views

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here you go i just really think this shit is stupid all i want to do is read this paper for my class, but no you have to charge me for something that should be furthering my education. I already have to pay a very large amount just to attend college in general and sites like yours don't help at all with all of this extra crap that has to be done just to read ONE paper. Its stupid in my opinion. I know this is written horribly and grammar and punctuation is probably off, as well as spelling, but i really dont care. Im just trying to get this done to satisfy the amount of words you need for this so called paper. This really is so unbelievably stupid. Why offer a free option is we have to do something like this just to view something, like I truly just dont understand what the point of this is. Im sure you get a ton of stuff like this all of the time and if i wrote all of this for no reason then I will be incredibly upset. Ive never worked so hard on a "paper" in my life. So please appreciate my hard work, thank you. Also I really do think you guys should change how you do all of this, it doesnt seem to be very beneficial for you all in the long run. Thanks for letting me view this though, it is very appreciated. I needed two more words. This is funny LOL


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