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Gaming Theory

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Gaming is a simulation that uses human decision. What are the advantages for managers to use the Gaming and Gaming Theory in decision-making instead of Factor Analysis Matrix?

Vinnette, managers use the Gaming and Gaming Theory because unlike Factor Analysis Matrix, gaming uses human decisions, however, the Gaming theory does borrow concepts from other decision-making tools. According to Wienclaw (2008) “As opposed to other methods for making decisions under conditions of uncertainty, gaming is not a solution method nor does it lead to a forecast, solution, or prediction. However, a game does help the decision maker to better understand the situation about which a decision needs to be made, including its constraints, consequences, and greater ramifications” (p. 3).

Therefore an individual must accept the outcome of any decisions made in an organization. “With an ever-increasing drive towards accountability it's staggering the way people still pass the responsibility for their moods and emotions over to others. Every time you catch yourself saying "She (or he) has really upset me" you are passing the buck. You may be upset, but no one did this to you. And don't let members of your team blame others for their upset either - acknowledge their distress and search for a solution that doesn't involve making anyone else the bogeyman” (p. 60). Each member of the organization holds value which ultimately contributes to the success or failure of the organizations goals

According to Wise, King, Miller, and Pearce (2011), “Congress enacted HIPAA in 1996 to enable individuals to change jobs without losing their health insurance, to reduce health care fraud and other kinds of financial waste, to decrease health care costs, and to protect the privacy of health care records” (p. 49). Patients want to be ensured that his or her medical needs are met and done so with confidentiality. HIPAA ensures that patient


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