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Climate Change Is Good?

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Climate Change is good?

As we have come to a better understanding of our global climate, global warming and the climate change are issues discussed by public all the time. Climate change is now widely recognized as the major global environmental problem. Many scientists have done a lot of researches about these .Some experts will point out heat waves, tornados, and strong tropical storms, as side effects of global climate change and human actions have had a warming effect on the global climate. However, these views were increasingly challenged, some other scientists argued that many changes are linked to natural cycles and each orbit around the sun. Besides, some says climate change is not necessarily a bad thing. Some parts of world will actually benefits. I am disagreeing with it.

Some people claim that a changing climate is not really bad. There are benefits that high temperature can bring. In some cool countries, they can have a longer growing season. The length of the growing season depends on the last and first day of a temperature above which plants will grow. Each plant has a different base temperature and their growth stages depend on the daily accumulation of growing degree units above these base temperatures. Average temperatures of the world have risen in recent decades, with the largest increases in winter. The length of the growing season has been extended, mainly due to earlier dates for the last spring frost. Heavy rains become more frequently than the last century due to the climate change. This is especially beneficial to the timber industry as they can harvest more wood. Besides, the field crop production can be maximized as the favorable temperature and solvent to the problem food of shortage.

Certainly it's true that a warmer world could benefit certain people, however, the negative consequences are more serious and numerous. While the longer growing season provides the


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