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Whitman Analytical Poem - a Noiseless

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Whitman Analytical Poem (A Noiseless, Patient Spider)

In the poem A Noiseless, Patient Spider Walt Whitman uses very creative ideas with simple and brilliant tools to push the audience in finding a deeper and profound meaning in his poem. The poem seams simple a two stanza poem describing the actions of a simple spider, but reading the poem it seems that the author try's to use metaphors and imagery to find the a deeper meaning. Reading the poem the audience begins to discover the deeper truth to this mysterious writing. While reading the poem the reader begins to discover the over arching idea that really speaks through out the poem and that is that the poet is trying to make a connection between the actions of a simple spider and the complex soul that resides in the human body. This poem really try's to emphasis the vulnerability of the soul in a vast realm of existence and the soul's relentless search for it's own place in a vast unknown world.

The idea that the spider represents the struggle of the soul is clearly evident throughout the poem. The poet uses imagery to compare the spider and the soul probably his own soul. It seems that the poet try's to portray that the actions of the spider are equivalent to the actions of the soul. That the soul try's to search for the connection that helps the soul to find meaning in the world. The notion of this search is evident when the poet writes "It launched forth filament, filament out it self, Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them". These two lines really show how the poet wants the reader to really grasp the idea that the soul with out fail keeps trying to connect with what the poet refers to as "spheres" which might reference to other souls. The poet also makes a connection between the spider and the soul how references the idea that both are separate from the world or isolated and that they exist in world so vast that he references as "vacant vast surrounding" to show the isolation of the soul and the spider.

Even though the poet argues that the soul which he could also refer to it as a human being attempts to connect to something over and over again he also seems


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