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The Smart Helmet

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Abdul Ahad1, Fahad Ashraf1,Umer Ahmed1, Quratulain Sohail1

Department of Electrical engineering

 National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences1

Karachi, Pakistan,,,

Abstract – A smart helmet is an uncommon thought which makes motorcycle driving more safe and secure than before. The implementation uses the technology of GPS (Global Positioning System) as well as GSM (Global System for Mobile). We proposed the system that checks if a person is wearing the helmet, checks for accidents and alcohol detection is also checked. Sensor is placed on the vehicle which is connected to microcontroller board. So whenever the rider is involved in an accident, the sensor senses and signals to the microcontroller. It then draws out the exact GPS data using the module which is interfaced to it and then sends a message to the family members with the GPS coordinates and the map link.

Keywords – Gsm, Gps, Alcohol Sensor, Microcontroller, Smart Helmet, Accelerometer


A helmet is a defensive layer that is worn so as to counteract head damage. Helmet is the most critical wellbeing gear for bike riders. Because of lack of regard of individuals and paying less significance toward wellbeing, there is a great deal of causalities consistently every year. Particularly in nations like Pakistan these mishaps are regular because of obliviousness toward safety. As stated by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics more than 5000 people claim their lives annually due to bike accidents. The quantity of bikes are developing, particularly the furor among youths. The general population is purchasing the bikes which are quicker and amazing. As per the development of the quantity of bikes the security factor likewise rises. There a ton of mishaps those are occurring each day on the streets. There are sure causes which are in charge of it. Certain reasons are in charge of it, for example, drivers blame, awful street, and slip-up from other individual on street. These reason prompted mishap which result in body harm these appeared in Figure 1.[pic 1]

                   Fig 1 Body Damage Chart

Out of all the most serious case is of head damage, which the vast majority of the occasions lead to body loss of motion and once in a while demise. The principle reason is because of absence of wellbeing gear that is no Helmet. At the point when the general population are riding the bike and after that aren't wearing helmet and if, by their or some other's oversight they just met with a type of mishap, since the bikes have adjusting on the two wheels subsequently in the wake of hitting the bike get lopsided and the rider tumble down and around then his head may crash into the strong surface and in the event that helmet isn't there, at that point the head may have genuine wounds as appeared in Figure2.


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