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Science Camp

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Science Camp!

Just the thought of it sends my blood off on its journey around my body ten times as fast as usual, releasing a spring that makes me leap up four feet in the air.

Well, almost.

Those two words sparked a surge of excitement on the 26th of October, the week before I went off to Monte Toyon with my classmates. Rumors were flying around like an angry bumblebee about how the girl’s bathrooms were covered with tree sap or how the meals for breakfast were oatmeal and omelets. But all I was sure of was that Science Camp was gonna be a blast. With wild animals, hikes, and nature surrounding us, it was just gonna be me, my classmates, and a whole lotta fun.

Every day, we went for hikes in the hills from 10 AM to 3 PM. We saw redwoods and discovered many things about them. To reach the redwoods, we climbed over rocks. After climbing, we could see the inside of the redwood’s trunks. We also learned how to recognize poison oak and ivy and telling direction by looking at the moss on a tree. The hikes were tiring but fun, and I’m glad I was able to walk the trails.

Being away from all the hustle and bustle of ordinary city life for a whole week in the wilderness gave me the opportunity to observe wildlife that I had never seen before. We saw many animals, from deer and hawks to salamanders and banana slugs. When we went to the beach one day, we even saw a jellyfish! In case you don’t know, a salamander is a lizard that can be used to scare girls away. Banana slugs are little slimy creatures that are yellow and look like one side of the fresh banana peel you threw away about a minute back. Animals like these are really fascinating and I’m extremely happy I was able to see them.

I learned a lot at Science Camp. It’s important to preserve nature. It should be treated with care, unless you want the last forest on Earth to be bulldozed and turned into another


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