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Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity

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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity


A person’s thoughts, actions, and beliefs are influenced by their culture. A patient’s

health promotion is also influenced by culture. The United States of American is a melting pot

of people from various cultures and backgrounds. Cultural diversity not only exists among

patients, but also within the healthcare team (Denisco & Barker, 2016). Nurses should be aware

that cultural bias exists. This cultural bias can hinder or disrupt patient care. Poor

communication between nurses and patients can be a result of cultural bias and knowledge

deficit. In order for appropriate and adequate patient care to be obtained nurses must have

cultural competence. The definition of cultural competence is the ability to appropriately

respond to the cultural needs of patients (Denisco & Barker, 2016).

This paper will discuss an article about the Mexican-American culture related to health

care. This cultural group was chosen due to the fact that the Mexican-American culture is the

minority group that makes up the largest population where the author lives and works. The

author of this paper has had professional and personal experience with this cultural group.

Article Summary

“Listening to the Voices of Mexican-American Women” is an article that reports on six

Mexican-American women’s interviews (Eggenberger, Grassley, & Restrepo, 2011). This article

was written in order to give the cultural perspective of the Mexican-American people in regards

to health care. The authors chose to interview women since they carry the responsibility of

caring for the families health. The main focus to the article is based on the views of women in

the areas of health beliefs, health care practices, and family life. The article helped to give an

insight into the Mexican-American culture which can help nurses provide culturally competent

care (Eggenberger et al., 2011). There were specific areas that were part of the interviews that



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