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Men and Environment: Environmental Problem

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Assignment Men and Environment: Environmental Problem

Daan Van Genechten

7 September 18

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One of the most current topics in the segment of environmental issues is the problem of deforestation. What can we consider as deforestation? According to the renowned site Businessdictionnary, the answer on the previous question is as follows: “Clearing of virgin forests, or intentional destruction or removal of trees and other vegetation for agricultural, commercial, housing, or firewood use without replanting (reforesting) and without allowing time for the forest to regenerate itself.”


What are the impacts of this irresponsible behaviour? First, increased greenhouse gas emissions. By cutting down trees, less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions will be mitigated. The results of these changes are drastic for all the living creatures in the environment.  Secondly, loss of species. Orang-utans, giant pandas, rhinos and the Asian elephant are some specific examples that are losing living space because of the deforestation of their habitats, which results in the distinction of these species. This drastic drop in the living population of the concerning species is caused by the need of more space by human race. Other animals and plants have to adapt to this new situation that results in changes of their food web.  In addition, flooding and erosion. This impact is the most noticeable by the human species. This result of deforestation creates a situation that threats the concerning people. And finally, life quality decrease. Common materials such as latex, cork, nuts and natural oil are all found in these forests. A shortage of natural products is inevitable if we keep destroying valuable ground at this pace.


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