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Erythrocyte Indice Calculation

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Calculating Indices Assignment

Please download to the drop box by the due date on the course guide. Please look over your Coursework it shows you how to get an estimated RBC and Hgb needed for the first question. It also shows you how to calculate the indices where you drop all units and just put the information into the formula that is given. The Indice then takes on a different unit.

To find the estimated Hgb and RBC you would do the following:

PCV divided by 6= RBC

PCV divided by 3= Hgb


MCV: PCV x10/RBC  fL unit

MCH: Hgb x10/RBC  pg Unit

MCHC: Hgb x 100/PCV  g/dl unit

1. A mixed breed dog is presented for a routine castration surgery.  His PCV is 38% and his TP is 7.5 g/dl.

You do not have any other information. Remember how to do the ball park measurements to find out the RBC and Hgb. What are his indices?  

MCV= 60.03fL                MCH=20pg        MCHC= 33.31 g/dl

RBC Count:                                                        Hgb Count:

RBC Count = PCV/6                                Hgb Count = PCV/3

RBC Count = 38/6                                        Hgb Count = 38/3

RBC Count = 6.33mm^3                        Hgb Count = 12.66 g/dl

MCV:                                                        MCH:

MCV = PCV/RBC X 10                        MCH = Hgb X 10/RBC

MCV = 38/6.33 X 10                        MCH = 12.66 X 10/6.33

MCV = 6.00 X 10                                MCH = 126.6/6.33

MCV = 60.03 fL                                MCH = 20pg


                        MCHC = Hgb X 100/PCV

                        MCHC = 12.66 X100/38

                        MCHC = 1266/38

                        MCHC = 33.31 g/dl

2. A cat is presented with the owners complaining of lethargy and inappetence and has pale mucous membranes.  The PCV is 18% and the TP is 6.5 g/dl.  The plasma is yellow and buffy coat appears normal.

Cell counter results: RBC 2.3mm3, WBC 16.000, Hgb 6.2g/dl

MCV = 78.26 fL  MCH = 26.95 pg MCHC= 34.44 g/dl

MCV:                                                                 MCH:


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