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History of Judaism

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History of Judaism

Christina Steinke



May 7, 2018


History of Judaism  

        For this paper, I will be discussing the history of Judaism and the people involved. A description of any rituals symbols or sacred texts in Judaism that connected to that event or person. Finally an explanation of Jewish ethics. I will be talking about Monotheism and the journey Abraham faced when god came to him.

        Judaism has a significant impact on Christian and Islam religions, Judaism dated nearly 4,000 years old. Judaism believes in only one god, Shema, the Torah, Talmud, Strict kosher diet, and that humankind  made in God’s image, so there is no natural evil, original sin or significant impurity (Judaism, 2014)

        Abraham became the founder of Judaism. Abraham’s story started in the book of Genesis chapter 11. As stated in the article Voices from Genesis: (1999) “At the beginning of Genesis chapter 12, God asked Abraham to leave his home and country, and he makes Abraham three promises: the promise of a relationship with God, numerous descendants, and land.” (Para. 3) God asked Abraham to migrate to Canaan located in the Haran. God promised Abraham he would give him all his needs once he arrived. Gods promise was land, children, and protection. He had to trust in God and follow Gods way. Abraham agreed and migrated with his wife, Sara. Sara was unable to have children his wife wanted Abraham to be with one of their maids; Hagra to produce a child. Abraham followed what God asked and soon after Sarah found out she was pregnant. (Molloy, 2013)

        A major event in Judaism history was when Abraham had a dream from God to sacrifice his son Isaac. One day God came to Abraham in a dream asking him to prove his love and dedication to God by taking his son up to the top of the mountain and sacrificing his son. Abraham told his son they needed to go to the top of the mountain for a sacrifice to show God how much he trusts and loves God. They go for a long walk get to the mountain, and Abraham tells the servants to stay here. Abraham walks up to the mountain with his son, and Abraham followed what God asked of him regardless of what it was. Sure Abraham loves his son, and this was one of the most difficult things he would have to do. He wanted to do what God asked of him and not disobey him. Once Abraham arrived ready to sacrifice his only son God told him to stop. Abraham never questioned Gods plan or why he was asking him to do this and God was very pleased he let Abraham leave the mountain with his son. (Molloy 2013)


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