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Parenting a Suicidal Teen

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Being a parent of a teenager who is suicidal can prove to be difficult. If the child is truly intent on causing themselves harm they will keep this information close to them. It is essentials that parents do not lose their connection with their children during this time period and simply dismisses some behavior as the new normal for a child they once knew so well. School issues normally present themselves first. When the grades or behavior changes it is important to address the underlying cause. By being a communicative parent you will need to sit down with them and find out what is bothering them. In extreme cases it may be necessary to hire a psychologist. If your child suddenly has become nocturnal and states that they just can't sleep it is your job as parent to determine that the child must have adequate sleep and to see if you can talk to them about why they cannot sleep. Any child that asks for help even if by making the simple statement I am done, I want to die needs to be focused on. They need to go to counseling or at least be honest and talk with a parent. We do not want to assume it is just the drama of being a teen with emotions in a turmoil we must help our teens to grow. Being a teenager is getting harder and harder each generation. It is important for parents to remember and learn to best help their own children.


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