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Definition of Diversity, Rights and Descrimination

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Definition of Diversity Accept and respect every individual’s differences and they are respected and valued. In a Health and Social care setting, workers should understand that every patient is different and accept them for who they are. Diversity helps in meeting people from different backgrounds and by accepting them, the society comes together.

Definition of rights in relation to Health and Social Care- Rights are a legal entitlement so an individual can live in a society without being abused due to their gender, race, skin etc. In nursing homes, patients should be treated fairly with the same rights as others so the right to live, right to education, right to freedom and so on. Patients should be provided with Improved care experiences for patients, service users, their families and cares.

Definition of discrimination in health and social care

Discrimination in health and social care can be referred to unfair or unequal treatment towards an individual due to their age, disability, gender, race, religion, beliefs and so on. So in a hospital environment, a nurse may not provide a person with all their needs because they are too old and so wouldn’t show much attention to them which is discrimination.


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