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Bshs 445 - Crisis Intervention

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Crisis Intervention Part 2

Janay Starling



Crisis Intervention Part 2

In todays or history current event, there have been many events which have occurred that has shaped society and help Crisis Intervention become a main point and help become in effect. When it comes to Crisis Intervention a major issue is Trauma. Trauma comes in many different forms and affects many in different ways. When dealing with Trauma is typically leaves many struggling and trying to understand how to help those who have been affected by it. Since 1906 many have been trying to ban together a way to help create options and ways to help those who are handling a crisis a way to communicate. Since then there has been many advances since. Even we have many ways of dealing with our own personal crisis and dealing with death and even trying to understand. The Stress and trauma even veterans have to experience. There is still much to learn with it, but with today media awareness it can reach more people and help many more informed as well as helping.

Author Elizabeth Ross wrote a book in titled “On Death and Dying”. In which specified the five responses to help with loss. The stages included which where incorporated into different scenarios. These steps helped that person in need who experienced if they had either terminal illness but there were no step by step directions. Many individuals dealing with dead are hard and especially if its someone closed. Ross helped many patients and physicians to understand how to communicate with their clients in different stages, and help there love ones cope with the thought of death. Even today there are some who many not agree with Ross stages even though its still be taught to those entering the human service field.

New age technology has been on the greatest creation created. There have been many forms of technology, starting from radios, cellphones and the internet. Technoloy has gained a platform, due to no longer only having to rely on newspaper and radio broadcasting. Which comes in, handy especially during a crisis intervention.  Society today has only gave hope to help all individuals who suffer from crisis. The purpose of human services professionals is to help guide those suffering from a crisis. Today crisis interventions are handled with no hel[p from movements that happened because of those movements, individuals will be able to receive the care they need to overcome their battles.


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