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Astrological Descripotrs Era

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Evaluating Astrological Descriptions of a Personality.


The purpose of the research conducted was to test individual beliefs in astrological star sign descriptors. It involved the participants to rate eight astrological descriptors from very inaccurate to very accurate. The participants tested ranged in age. Nicole Foster was the youngest participant born 20th October 1998, Libra. Next was Kerry Foster born 30th August 1970, Virgo. Then Garry Foster born 4th November 1966, Scorpio. The oldest participant was Lorraine Bradney born 16th August 1953. The main finding was that most participants believed their astrological star sign was accurate to their personality.


Evaluating Astrological Descriptions of a Personality.


Astrology is a pseudo science and a system for explain the prediction how we think, feel and behave on the basis of the position of the stars and planets at the time of a persons birth.

‘Astrological descriptors are descriptions of a personality and behavior tending to be made up of desirable and flattering statements.’

(Grivas and Carter, 2010)

Psychologists have conducted different research studies to test astrology. Results have indicated that astrology is a pseudoscience, or non-scientific and lacks evidence to support its claims.

The following experiment is based on the assumptions that participants will believe the ‘flattering and desirable’ ( Grivas and Carter 2009) ambiguous statements are true to their own personality.

The aim of the study was to test individuals’ beliefs in astrological star sign descriptors.


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