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The Fight for Harry Potter

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The Fight for Harry Potter

Since the time Joanne Rowling published the first book of her series, the Harry Potter series, many Christians have attacked the books for focusing on magic. But outside of this group, the story has a large following of adoring fans. Rowling's novels describe the life and adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter. Those who attack the Harry Potter novels do so vehemently. Some of the group that opposes the books has even accused Rowling of practicing witchcraft (Teh, 2014). Despite how many people disfavor the series, people can read the Harry Potter books without sinning. One should judge a book based on its content, not based on the author's worldview, or what others around them have said about the story.

People can safely read the Harry Potter series because any time a Christian reads a book, he or she must use judgment before taking lessons from the tale. All books have both good and bad elements. As followers of Jesus, we must use discernment to pick which components of a story we base our actions on. This means sometimes we should shut a book and stop reading it. But at other times we can keep reading the volume, as long as we only accept the elements of the book's worldview that please God. While Harry Potter displays some examples of actions Christians should not emulate, Harry Potter also shows examples of kindness, chivalry, and friendship. Disciples of Jesus should strive to live out these virtues in their own lives. Believers can take good lessons from the Harry Potter series if they read the books with discernment.

Additionally, disciples do not judge Harry Potter on an equal basis with other fantasy books. Some books have a very good worldview written into them. Other novels should immediately warn a godly reader to put the book down. But most books have a mix of good and bad elements in them. Many followers of Jesus do not condemn other tales


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