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A Lover's Summer

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A Lover's Summer

Jean and Becca had always been the closest of friends all the way through grade school until Jean got accepted into college and only came back during the warmer parts of the year. Jean had kept up with her studies through school unlike Becca who was always running around without a care in the world. Both Jean and Becca were pretty girls who knew how to get the blood flowing in any boy that came their way. Becca stood about 5'5 and was an athletic, but petite girl with chestnut hair who seemed to have it all. Jean was a little taller than Becca with curves that every girl was jealous of including her breasts which seemed to be starring you in the face every time she was around with her dirty blonde hair. Becca and Jean were inseparable when Jean came back from college for those few short months in the summer. Until Becca had fallen head over heels for this boy named Danny who she met one night at the bar during the winter months.

Danny came from a small family who owned their own farm that grew tobacco and other crops throughout the seasons. Danny and Becca kicked it off right from the start and were always together every chance they could get. Danny's family was alarmed at how fast the two of them latched on to each other. Danny's mother was inquisitive of Becca and was quite upset how fast the two started sleeping with one another. Danny's father did not seem to mind Becca and her presence around the farm because she would help out with chores when she could. Becca had fallen in love with Danny and everything seemed to be going well except for Danny's mother who always seems to be nagging about her. Danny was a hard worker and was genuine towards Becca and did anything he could to help her out.

Becca did not have much and lived with her mother who was usually working most of the time at minimum wage in order to support them. Becca's father had abandoned them when Becca was real young and she did not have any memories of him really. Becca's mother had always told her that her father was a selfish asshole who only cared about himself. He stopped paying child support when Becca was only five and disappeared somewhere. And since Becca's mother was usually working all the time, Becca had no authority looking over her shoulder as she grew up. Becca was always getting into trouble and was quiet promiscuous when it came to the opposite sex. And Jean was not the greatest influence on Becca either when they were together.

Jean's parents were together, but never seemed to care what Jean was up too or what she was doing. Jean had the freedom as Becca had because her parents were always out in about doing something. Jean's parents had family money and had a nice house with beautiful cars to go with it. Jean's parents were always going on vacations and usually left Jean behind with the


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