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What the Bleep Do We Know?

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What The Bleep Do We Know?

Since I first read about Schrodinger's cat's in the seventh grade, dealing with quantum entanglement, I have been a fan of quantum mechanics and theories including the string theory involving dualism which has also been a large influence within the field of philosophy. I understand the concept of the video, but I think they stretched a lot of the scientific aspects to mold their understanding of their concept of individual reality. I do believe that if someone saw this video and ignored the pseudoscientific views, it would have a lot of merit and it makes sense in it's own form of reality. But isn't that the basis of most quantum theories: infinite realities? However, since the people viewing this are in our "known" reality of this earth, we can't take this science as a factual until it goes through the scientific process.

One part that I really did like on the movie, whether it was accurate or not, was the part about the water molecules changing molecular structure according to the positive or negative emotional energy. I truly do believe that our thoughts have a great impact on our everyday lives, even to the effect of our health. I have always said that I never have a bad day. Sometimes bad things happen, but that is just life; deal with the situation accordingly, go on and look towards your next goal.

I also like how they stated that when people are chronic complainers, or are always fighting, it becomes an addiction. I think people do get used to acting a certain way and it takes a lot to overcome that and change it. I did not like, however, their "scientific" explanation of addictions. They almost gave addiction a new definition which is honestly, just not accurate, or in this case, was not explained thoroughly. They discussed neuropeptides, which is a fancy blanket word for peptides that function in the brain, but did not differentiate


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