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Trombone Concert

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Trombone Concert

        On March 12, 2013 I saw one of the best classical concerts I have ever seen. I don’t give a lot of credit to classical music but it is very relaxing and meaningful. Murray Oliver who played the trombone was very fluid and very good at the trombone. The trombone is a brass instrument that is low sounding. Next to Oliver playing the piano, was Ilya Sinaisky. Sinaisky is also a very skilled musician and made the piano sound great and played it with a lot of passion. They put on a concert that incorporated the trombone and piano; this concert was part of the Virtuoso Series Recital At the University Center For The Arts at Colorado State Univeristy. The concert was a great experience and made me sit down and appreciate the kinds of music I usually don’t listen to.

        The first song played by Oliver and Sinaisky was Ballade, Op. 62 by Eugene Bozza. As this song was played I felt like the trombone and piano were talking to each other. The song starts with the piano playing slow and legato. Throughout the song there are a variety of pitches that are played. As the song progresses, decrescendo and crescendo are very mild but the song has an allegro sound. A trombone solo is then played; as soon as the piano starts to play again the tempo becomes faster. One of my favorite parts of the concert was when the sound duller was used in the trombone. The noise that the duller created was cool. After the duller was used the piano goes into an allegro, and forte sound. I liked this song a lot because it seemed to tell a story and it seemed like a conversation was happening between the trombone and piano, which was very cool to see.

        After the Ballade was finished Oliver and Sinaisky go behind stage, while the stagehands get the stage set up for next set of songs. The next set of songs is by Gabriel Faure. Faure is a German composer who became and American during the Nazi reign. Faure has meaningful songs that help people relate to situations. The first song in this set is Apres En Reve. The song starts in a legato fashion along with a very slow tempo. This song showed a lot of harmony between the piano and trombone. The second song in this set was Mandoline. The piano starts staccato with a legato trombone sound. The tempo is very allegro with little dynamics. This song has a very happy timbre compared to the other songs played before it. Faure does a great job using a variety of pitches in this piece. The third song in the set was ici-bas! One of the big things I noticed in this song was the repetitive theme. The piece was calm with only a little crescendo and decrescendo and not a lot variety in the pitch. The last song in this set was Au Bord de l’eau. This song was very legato throughout the time in which it was being played. As the song gets a faster tempo the volume becomes crescendo. Unlike Mandoline the timbre is very dark and doesn’t sound very happy.


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