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Max Kelada

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He is talkative. When writer asked Max Kelada whether he is English or not, his answer was very long. Instead of answering yes, he asked back the writer: “You don’t think I look like an American, do you?” but his main purpose is introducing about his human origination: “British to the backbone, that’s what I am”. Not only said he like that but also took him out his pocket a passport and airily waved it under my nose. Even the writer also recognized that he is “chatty”.

“He talked of New York and of San Francisco. He discussed plays, pictures, and politics”. These prove that he knows every thing and can talk about all in many hours.

When the writer was playing cards oneself, he interrupts it to guide one how to play card tricks.

"It’s coming out, it’s coming out," he cried. "The ten on the knave.""Do you like card tricks?" or “Well, I’ll just show you this one”These make the writer feeling angry: “With rage and hatred in my heart I finished”And: “No, I hate card tricks”.

He likes interrupting in other person and showing his knowledge. He can spend many hours to do that:” He showed me three”.

He is so talkative that the writer finds any reason to end the conversation:” Then I said I would go down to the dining-room and get my seat at table”.

All these which he done have made the writer dislike him:” I did not like Mr. Kelada” or “I not only shared a cabin with him and ate three meals a day at the same table, but I could not walk round the deck without his joining me”.

He always follows other persons and makes ones uncomfortable.


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