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Grey Worldwide Hong Kong

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1. Customer Service through CRM

It was known that customer service was an important part of the success for Grey WW-HK, but it was shown that having a clear CRM strategy would give them a competitive advantage in the market. The industry was developing and Grey WW-HK saw the opportunities available through reevaluating the way they handle their customer relationships. They didn't want to compete with cost, but they still wanted to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the market.

2. GRM (Grey Relationship Management)

Established in 2001, GRM "would focus on communications, which included understanding CRM, tailor-making campaigns and programs leading toward a full CRM strategy, and on-line and off-line strategic consulting." Grey WW-HK would utilize their current technology to develop a strategic blueprint for their customers. They also looked to their current partners to gather information that would allow them to build a more efficient CRM strategy. Profiling their customers were key components to developing GRM.

3. Internet and the DART system

Information technology became a major part of the in change in utilized media. The DART (Dynamic Advertising Reporting Targeting) system was used to manage marketing e-mails in a way that gave an insight to how to adapt to customer needs. This was imperative to improving customer relationships and remaining competitive in the industry. Companies began using new technology and the internet to gather valuable resource information and data to analysis the market and their customers. This helped ignite the use of new IT tools to attract, retain and support customers. In addition to the growth of the internet, Grey WW-HK was now able to utilize new media outlets as communication tools. This worked well with their new strategy


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